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 Posted: Sat Feb 16th, 2008 01:27 am
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It's nice to know the CWRT in our community is the exception to the rule. Everything turned out for the best, however, as we became affiliated with a group from Lawnfield, President Garfield's home. We do a lot of traveling with them. The most memorable was to the dedication of the Middle Creek Battlefield in Prestonsburg, KY. General Garfield was the commanding officer in this battle and we got to travel with Jim Garfield, the president's great-grandson. I have a wonderful picture of him shaking hands with the great-grandson of Humphrey Marshall, the Confederate commander. Jim became a good friend of ours. We have probably participated in more Civil War discussions and activities than we would have with any round table. I guess those guys didn't want any women traveling with them. Geez, even the army had camp followers.

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