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 Posted: Sat Feb 16th, 2008 01:49 am
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Very few men were killed or seriously wounded by their own weapons expolding.

The modern concept of backfiring didn't happen in the CW except w/ a very few breechloading arms. It was possible w/ a Ballard, Sharps, Maynard, Smith and a few other arms. I've never read of any of the above mentioned arms doing so. Several of the early breechloaders leaked gas when firing and that could cause some serious burns if the shooter wasn't careful where he put his hand. I've witnessed a hanky set alight by a sharps carbine... a sobering demonstration I might add. But most of the stories of men blowing off parts of their arms and such are greatly exaggerated.

An obstruction in the muzzle of a muzzleloader could cause serious problems along w/ not seating a bullet all the way down.

Tyhe idea of a quarter of the men dieing or even being wounded by their own weapons is pure fantasy. IIRC a man over NSSA way did a study in the 80's and he found less than 100 men wounded by their own weapons (accidental). I believe he confined his study only to US forces but it's a good indicator.

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