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 Posted: Sat Feb 16th, 2008 04:43 am
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My senior research class in American history taught me several valuable lessons. 

1. always know who wrote what you are reading .  We were given the assignment to read articles on various subjects and discuss the conclusions.  Then the professor would tell us about the authors and asked if that changed our opinion of the article.  Many times it did.

2.  We were required to write a Senior Thesis.  It could not be any longer than I believe ten pages.  We had to narrow our subject down to to be very specific.   It is much easier to write 20 -30 page papers than to narrow a subject to ten pages and cover it well.   I wrote huge papers in high school never less that 30 pages .  This paper was the hardest paper I ever wrote, and the best.   I am still proud of it today.

None of my papers then were about the Civil War.  I kept writing about the migrant workers from Oklahoma and Grapes of Wrath.  I wrote the first paper in Freshman English Okies in California .  It had everything but the kitchen sink.  By the time I was in Senior Research my paper was Migrant Labor Camps in California 1932-34.  Very narrow subject. 

Last paper I wrote was about 20 years ago when I got my masters in reading.  Education in Sparta.  Sadly I don't have it . Professor kept the papers and my copy was on a floppy disc for an Apple 2E.  My papers on Gifted Education were also on the same disc.  Would have liked to have the Sparta one.


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