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 Posted: Sun Apr 16th, 2006 06:33 pm
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Javali..I was disappointed somewhat in your views of the American Flag and "banners". I am glad my Mom isn't involved in reading these Posts, because she may be quite hurt about the Gold Star Mother Banner she received when my older brother (a pilot) was killed while trying to get to his plane at Wheeler Field, Hawaii on Dec. 7,1941 making him the first casualty from our County in WWII. Apathetic views about Old Glory generally reflect apathetic views of America.  That's what we have been REALLY dealing with in the Posts on this issue, isn't it?  I have never found a valid argument in States Rights being the motivator for the South seceding from the Union and going to war.  If you  say, "It was about States Rights, as they pertained to the slavery issue," I would agree.  In fact, if you said, "The Civil War was fought over economics, as it related to slavery," I would also agree.  When you read all the immediate  past and present statements and history of those leaders of theCSA, it sure is clear where their interests and motivation preserve the Institution of Slavery and white supremacy.....economics and states rights are "shadow" causes and every valid historical researcher would agree.  Next thing we will be discussingis just how "deliriously happy those slaves down on the Plantation were...they justdidn't know it. " Yeh, that's why they were running away to the alligator infested swamps in Florida, facing the Seminoles, Spanish and malaria.  They couldn't believe just how "joyous" things could get. Later, the underground railroad drew them away from that "Home Sweet Plantation Home". Let's call it how it was...and still is among those battleflag waving sons and daughters of the South.  We agree where the Rebel Battle flag should be...but I sure hope you wouldn't stand by while the American Flag is being misused and then care less. If they (and I mean the UDC and the SCV) had their way their projects aimed at defaming Old Glory would do just that. And please don't belittle all those  Gold Star Banners Moms's all they have left. Ulysses



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