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 Posted: Sun Apr 16th, 2006 07:12 pm
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I would think that it is the memories of her sons and their willingness to sacrifice for ideals that she is proud of. While the cloth may be a symbol of that, it is not what they fought for. Would she be less proud if there were no such thing as a gold-star banner? I doubt it. Please don't make assumptions about my patriotism or love of country based on my views on cloth.

Would I stand by and do nothing when "Old Glory" is mis-used? I do all the time. If one is to believe in the "sacredness" of it, it should never be worn on clothing, slapped on bumper stickers, or painted on walls and posters. It has nothing to do with thoughts on my country, it has to do with the whole concept of symbolism. I guess many (most) need a tangible, touchable object to keep certain ideals in mind. I don't.

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