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 Posted: Sat Feb 16th, 2008 11:57 pm
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Haha, Kj!

Hahahahahahaha, Mr. Joe.

I really liked Denny during the first part of last season.  But, he started turning into this whiney, lack-luster guy towards the end, and my soft spot for him has done hardened.

My up-and-comer now is Kyle Busch.  He can drive like a mad-man with a serious method to his madness.  What talent! And, a truly original driver - he definitely has his own style on the track.  I think he will be cream-of-the-crop.  And he is learning to handle himself so well, publically.  He's maturing better than I every could have thought possble.  When Smoke blows over, I bet I'm left standing in Kyle's camp.

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