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 Posted: Sun Feb 17th, 2008 12:16 am
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Thanks truly for pointing out the difference between "tactics" and "strategy", Ashbel.

I genuinely appreciate this sort of thing.  I admittedly have a problem with military terminalogy, and it sometimes keeps me from posting, seriously.  I appreciate it when someone corrects me. 

When I was writing earlier, I couldn't think of the term I wanted for Grant's sending his men in; I'm pretty sure it was "assaults"; but my mind went blank.  So I just said "waves".  And, since no pointed out the problem, I (wrongly) stuck with it!  If I get all hung up on a word and don't have a book nearby, I either throw in whatever and hope for the best - which, quite seriously, is being corrected when called for;  or else I save the post for later and forget to post it.

There's a thread I keep wanting to start, but it is full of military terms, and I know I'm gonna have to spend at least 20 minutes making sure I've got the right ones.

Pvt Clewell has been kind enough to PM me here and there and ask for clarification when I goof - think it's his way of kindly letting me know I got it wrong.  But I don't mind - and do appreciate it - when someone points it out to me on the board!  That way, other people can learn from it, too rather than thinking that my mistakes are acceptable.


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