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 Posted: Sun Feb 17th, 2008 12:51 am
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Lap 19 - Speed usually repeats the truck race during the week, you should try to record it if you cain't watch the re-run.  I was really concerned, thought, OH-Oh, someone isn't gonna walk away this time.  But, all was well.  Except for some big-time P-O'd drivers!  Watching their post-wreck interviews was fun & revealing!

I'm sure they'll be using the Flaming Truck images on the opening clips of the cup race tomorrow:  you know, that little montage they do as the day's coverage opens.  And, it'll be a regular clip all season long in the opening truck-series montage.  VERY Dramatic, a fireball let loose across the track, and it sure looked like driver BBQ to me (thank God it wasn't anything like).  The footage of all the emergency vehicles coming out is something, too.

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