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 Posted: Sun Feb 17th, 2008 01:24 am
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I feel your pain about Yellow Tavern. About 10 years ago, several of us got directions to Yellow Tavern from the NPS in Richmond. We followed a serious maze through a residential district that took about a half-hour to find. You really have to be on a mission to find it. We finally found the monument — an obelisk about 15 feet high surrounded by a wrought-iron fence — but it was across the street from a condo complex.

At the time we saw it, the site wasn't very well maintained. Grass and weeds were overgrown and it looked neglected. One of the members of our roundtable wrote a letter to the local chapter of the UDC to see if something could be done. Maybe it helped. The pictures here were taken last year and it seems the place is really cleaned up since we've been there. What the pictures don't show is the nearby encroachment.

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