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 Posted: Sun Feb 17th, 2008 06:31 pm
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My brother majored  in Philosophy , even worked on a masters but married my sister in law instead of finishing the program.  He then went into business using what he learned in the Air Force .  He worked in computers  for about 30 years .  He did various types of jobs.  He hated most of them but they paid the big bucks to support his family.  Finally reaching the point  of the peter principle.  He made a major mistake in a program or something of the sort and lost his job. 

He talked it over with his wife and decided to go back to school.  He worked at Trader Joes and did other odd jobs while attending U Mass getting a masters in critcal and creative thinking . I attended his graduation .  His smile was from ear to ear .  He now is a professor of ethics and intro philosophy at several local colleges.  Each semester he is struggling to make sure he gets enough classes to pay the bills .   The kids are grown and on their own.   I laugh about how he finally joined the family firm -- teaching .  He still has to do supplemental jobs but they are doing things he loves, teaching students to play Ukes (yep Ukes), and doing editing for podcast of lectures from Harvard Law . 

So finally as he approached his 60's he got to do the things he has always loved, teach philosophy and play music .  I am so happy for him as I got to do what I loved from the beginnig . Teaching .



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