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 Posted: Sun Feb 17th, 2008 08:35 pm
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Where is God during tragedy?? Same place he has been since the beginning of time on his throne. I am a believer do my best and go to church, read the word and pray. If you read the bible it is full of tragedy and how God uses it for his will and his ultimate plan.

Booklover wrote

Believers are always saying God doesn't cause bad things to happen

Book I would like to say that either the believers where taught wrong or couldnt explain to you correctly . God dosnt cause bad things to happen (he does not sap people) he will however let Satan (if you believe in God you have to believe in satan) do his will as the ruler of this world . My example would be Job in the old testament. I had it explained this way to me . Life is like a parade we cant see the whole parade from start to finish from our vantage point on the curb but if we move up to the top of a local building we can see the parade from start to finish (Gods Perspective) and it all becomes clear.

My point is that Satan is to blame or free will your choice to decide what works for you . Every bad thing that happens happens for a reason God Does use bad to make good things happen.  Think of sept 11 why did God allow that day to happen , In my view many lives where changed for the better that day in the face of a national tragedy, The gov. has stopped terroist events that might have been worse than 11th I will never know. There is a book I would recomend to you "God at Ground Zero" By Ray Guinta  .

This is an age old question one that someone can point you in the right direction , like some folks have done for you , but the bottom line believing in God is a decision you have to make on faith with your heart, not your intellect . You just have to take on faith that a good who

God is this all-knowing and all-powerful being that created the world out of nothing and populated it with man and all the animals and could do anything he chooses. Man, in God's infinite wisdom,  

As a believer you have to believe that God in his Infinite Wisdom as you said will use events in your life and others lifes to produce his utimate plan for the good of man kind .

To quote Tod Agnew my favorite Christian artist In his song "where were you?" which is basically a song about a man asking this same question Gods reply is

"Where were you when I split the sky and sea, where were you when I taught the lion to roar,where were you when I made electricity fall from the sky during a thunderstrom , Where were you?"



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