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 Posted: Mon Feb 18th, 2008 04:55 pm
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How does god let newborn babies, infants, children suffer? The most difficult aspects of my job is sitting down with parents to tell them they have lost their infant or child. Thus, my question, which is similar to yours, has been raised by myself for decades. On a similar note, I've seen infants survive who I felt had not even a miniscule chance of survival survive while on the other hand have lost some who I felt stood a good chance. Also, I certainly believe in evolution and how we arose from 2 cells. I can't as a scientist buy into the biblical description of creation in 7 days. Irregardless of this, it doesn't affect my beliefs. However, I also believe that life is too complex just to have been created without a plan. In summation, I think your question has been asked for centuries, not just by christians. My answer is that one just has to have faith in the one above whether his/her name is god, allah, budda, etc. and lead a good a life as one can.

Doc C

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