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 Posted: Mon Feb 18th, 2008 09:41 pm
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My favorite former student is the daughter of a friend of many many years before she was born.   This young lady in her mid twenties while in college got the tatoo in the small of her back.  her whole sorority did that .  Then she meets me for the theatre one night and shows me her new tat around her ankle . It was in honor of her grandmothe who just died.  I knew the grandmother a very conservative woman.  I can't imagine her grandmother would have thought it was a good idea. 

I have another friend who has always loved tatoos .  She is my age in her 60's   She in the last few years has gone all out with tatoos.  She acts in community theatre.  It is now hard for costumers to cover the tats.

Oh by the way I have one tatoo.  I earned it.  It is the marker for radiation treatment for breast cancer .  One tiny little dot.  I think there is another dot on the side somewhere but don't know where it is I have not seen it .  lol.  You should see the look on friends faces when I tell them I have a tatoo.

My father had two tatoos on his arm.  a little bluebird with a note in its beak and below it a dagger going in and out of his arm.  That dagger always scared me so much.   If my dad was sleeveless I always aproached him from the right side .  I did not want to look at it.  Funny as he aged the tatoos disappeared.  Different kind of ink than they use now I have heard.

I also have a friend that survived two major hurricanes in St. Thomas .  She and some friends got drunk one day and went to the tatoo parlor to get hurricane symbols tatooed in honor of surviving.  The only criteria for her is they could not show even in a bathing suit.  Well she should have checked further.  They used a red dye and it is made of Shell fish.  When she lived in the islands it didn't bother her but she says the skin gets irritated and she can feel the swelling around the tats now that she lives back in the Central Valley where she is allergic to everything .  She has always been allergic to Shell fish. 



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