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 Posted: Tue Feb 19th, 2008 12:21 am
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E Pluribus Unum

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It's called free agency.  We were all given it. 

"In all this, no one has ever been able to explain to me why a just and loving God would allow those people who are innocent to have to pay for the sins of someone who rejected him"

Booklover, It sounds to me like you're trying to disprove Jesus on the cross in a round about way.

If God exists, and if God is omniscient, he knew what this person was going to do

I was given children to raise and I take that job seriously.  I can "foresee" certain situations where my kids will get hurt.  I can step in every single instance and intervene as an annoying, over protective mom or I can let my kids live, learn and grow.  My best learning came from my parents allowing me to be me and experience heartache and pain and even embarrassment.  They taught me their best and hoped for the best (still do!!).  I look at God as more of a Heavenly Father.  He has given me tools to have the best and hopes for the best.

I listen more intently to the words of an optimistic person, who still gives heartfelt service to others, even in a time their own personal tragedy, over the pessimistic philosopher/author.


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