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 Posted: Tue Feb 19th, 2008 02:28 am
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I have several friends with military tattoos and i sort of subconciously exempt them from being "tattoos".. When a person has gone into combat and with his comrades survived some horriffic event and they wish to commemorate their survival with a common tat, then they have earned them IMHO! A radiation tat...that is earned as well... and I loved Barry Goldwater's, it signified his acceptance into an indian tribe that he represented.

Tats in intimate places, male and female, are none of my business unless mine or my wife's..I know I don't have any and if she does, I still have not found it after 40 years!

But I see the kids today with multiple large tats, tats on the head and face, arms and hands covered and ask myself, "Would I want this person to represent me and my company?...and the answer is always a resounding NO.

I interviewed for a delivery driver last fall and one applicant was heavily tattooed including facial tats and a couple of teardrops that may or may not mean various things. I asked myself, do I want this man going into my customer's offices, predominately populated by ladies, and representing my company? Knowing also that my future in tied to the impression my employees make on a daily basis. I cut the interview short and told him he was not the person I was looking for.

He may well have been a fine person, but his appearance made my decision for me. In my mmind, he has given up on himself and his ever being hired at any kind of public job.

Is that fair? Yes I think it is. He has the absolute right to decorate his body anyway he chooses. I have the absolute right to decline to have him represent me.


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