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 Posted: Tue Feb 19th, 2008 06:10 am
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Agree with most. A tattoo on the forearm or bicep used to mean a marine or sailor. Now it's a permanent mark of "self-expression."

That self-expression stays with one no matter how much one's mind has changed. I can understand that shore-leave led to some "wink-wink" indiscretions, but body-art is the mark of an immature fool.

I'm certain that at least a few others think the same way, otherwise Bama would not be so cautious about who he has representing his company. I can live with multiple earrings; after all, that mutilation is undetectible after a few years. But I won't patronize an establishment represented by repellant characters with piercings or tats. However tasteful.

By all means, express yourself. But when that expression haunts you in later years, acknowledge that it isn't them who cause you a problem. There is only one to blame.


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