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 Posted: Tue Feb 19th, 2008 06:40 pm
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Just read a review of a book on Andrew Wagenhoffer's web site dedicated to new Civil War books. He reviews a book I very much want to read about Jerome Clarke alias Sue Mundy who allegedly  looked enough like a girl to pass for one on occasion if needed.

I first became aware of Sue Mundy/Jerome Clarke in a trivia question right here at CWi. The character was so interesting I am surprised no movie or TV show or History Channel Civil War Journal show has been dedicated to him.

Now it appears a book has been written about him and several other infamous Kentucky guerrillas. The name is:  Confederate Guerrilla Sue Mundy: A Biography of Kentucky Soldier Jerome Clarke by Thomas S Watson and Perry A Brantley.

Trouble is, while this book is one I would very much enjoy reading the current price is a wallopping $35.00!  Question--does the price of such books ever come down? does not even have it in its lineup yet. Sometimes I can pick up used versions much cheaper through Amazon. I wonder how long that will take, however, to turn up this specialized book.

Anybody know of any other writings on this topic?

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