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 Posted: Tue Feb 19th, 2008 08:43 pm
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Where was God?....God is everywhere; in some, He is in our others, He is knocking on your door.....

Where was God at NIU??....He let 5 people die????......He also lets MANY others live, however, I do not see that even being considered.

Praise God for the survivors, and may the survivors, victims and victims' families see the Light. May some good and peace come from this tragedy, may someone see with open eyes when they did not see before......

That's where God is.....

Where was God when my mother was dying of cancer??.....He was holding her hand....He was whispering to my heart "You shall see your mother again"...He is in the miricle of my 6 year old son....

Where is God??.....He's in the beauty of a sunset on a wonderful summer day....He's in the love the our wives, children and families give us.....He's in the voice of a robin that sings when the spring is new.....

Yes, tragic things happen and we don't know the reason why....we can never know....Those things are not for us to know. When death strikes our families, we must give God thanks for a life that touched us, not curse Him for taking it away....Anyone that understands the love from God and the love from our families and freinds, will understand what it means to thank God for a loved one's life; not curse him.

Well, I'm no preacher and I don't know as much as I should; but I do know this: I have a simple faith and that faith is based on trust in God.

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