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 Posted: Wed Feb 20th, 2008 05:31 pm
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David White

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Good People = Aggies

I forgot that one important requirement to be saved; all others will burn with unquenchable fires, especially those damned old teasips ;)

Dixie Girl:

Why would a loving God, who died for us, condemn people for eternity just by the circumstances of their birth? How can a true believer not perform good works? I would challenge anyone's belief, if they did not live that belief in their actions. Belief without good works is like words with no action to back them up. The former without the latter in both cases is a facade.

I'm also interested in your view on good works helping you on judgment day but not saving you, will the fires of hell be turned down a few degrees for a do gooder versus the cretins or what are you implying?

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