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 Posted: Thu Feb 21st, 2008 06:27 am
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This is a real interesting thread.  The generations meet....

I know that tattooing means many different things today than it did one generation ago, two generations ago, three generations ago...

...and there is a lot of humor and poignancy in understanding what it means to the different generations, and thinking of what it will mean in the future.

Being kind of a "wild child" at heart, and being in the age group that I am, I know people think that I have some secret tattoo tucked away, and are surprised when I don't.  I say that it's my way of being a non-conformist, LOL.  And, maybe it is; I do love keeping my body pristine of lables.  On the other hand, I really like a tattoo or two or three on men....Go figure.

Occasionally watching LA Ink and Miami Ink on The Discovery Channel late at night gives me a very real apprecaition for body art and the reasons people have tatooing, and for what real body art is.  It can be very personal and meaningful.

But, not for me, my smile lines and worry lines are enough.

However, I did think the idea of a "John Deere" tattoo, presented earlier in this thread, was unique and charming. 

And I LOVED Bama's points, very important things to consider - about the right of self-expression balanced with the right to choose whom is best to work in certain environments.

Young Miss has talked about having a small tattoo, which is very common among young persons her age.  And, I have pointed out, that:  while she never looked for these, she has has had numerous modeling opportunities present themselves.  And that not having tatoos is a boon in her case, as it costs a lot of time and $ for make-up people to cover up tattoos that they don't want in a shoot.  So, when choosing between her and another model, she will get the job first, if she has no tattoos.  She understands and appreciates this, and therefore keeps her piercings to a very small, conservative minimum, and her tattoo waiting, until she is older and able to make such decisions with greater consideration.

"When you've changed from a teenager into a history prof at a respected university, you will have to live with youthful foolishness and bad judgement and perpetual long sleeves."

I do disagree with this statement.  In the up-coming generation, reasonable tattoos will represent something different then they did to generations past.  Reasonable tattoos will not necessarily be something to be covered.  However, what is "reasonable" will have to be taken into consderation. 

I'm just glad I don't have any tattoos, myself.  Seriously.  Think I would tire of them.


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