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 Posted: Fri Feb 22nd, 2008 02:37 pm
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Somebody set me straight if I am wrong, but I am seeing remarkable similarities here between JEJ and McClellan:

a) both are extremely well-liked by their troops

b) both are notoriously cautious in the field

c) both are thorns in the sides of their respective administrations

The biggest difference between the two, as far as I know, is that McClellan was incredibly arrogant and self-delusional and JEJ was not, although both were capable of making excuses for themselves.

In the one campaign where they faced each other — the Peninsula — it was almost comical. JEJ is constantly giving ground, and McClellan is reluctant to take it. A very strange waltz, indeed.

My knowledge of the western theater is woefully thin, but if the bottom line in war is results, then I don't see where JEJ is any better than the other CSA generals in the west. Having said that, I always thought Beauregard was under-utilized and under-appreciated.

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