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 Posted: Fri Feb 22nd, 2008 06:22 pm
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one quick thing then I will fade away on this discussion also.

Doc C wrote:
 Don't quote me lines from a book written by jewish followers of Jesus huddled in caves hiding from the Romans or their Jewish brethren years after his death. Religion, more specifically spirtuallity, is extremely personal to me.


I find this harsh so maybe it is good we end this descussion. I will clarify though that out of the 12 disciples of Christ only 1 did not die a martrys death , that means they did not go hide in caves , Paul wrote some of his letters which are now in our bible from Prison in Rome. I would find that far from huddling . They just like the men we like to study here on this board were not afraid to take  a stand for what they believed in and that is a very addmorable thing in my eyes. Hope you all find what you are looking for .

oh and by the way this was a one of our better discussions here IMO.

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