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 Posted: Fri Feb 22nd, 2008 09:16 pm
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Great to see this thread come to life again!

Well, one thing for Joe Johnston - at least he was consistent in certain matters:

"Terry Winschel had the best story to explain Johnston's character.  It actually involved an incident after the War.  Johnston was an excellent shot - maybe the best marksman in the Confederate officer ranks.  One time E. Porter Alexander, Grover Cleveland and Johnston went on a duck hunting trip.  At the end of the day Alexander and Cleveland each had a boat load of birds (before the days of limits). And Johnston?  He didn't have a one.  Never had the perfect shot."

Compare this with my post on the bottom of the first page, describing Joe's hunting trip with Wade Hampton, which I am think took place before the war (I'll check my source when I can).

Or, maybe he was a slow learner?  Or, maybe he had a secret soft spot for birds.....

Anyway, he was pro'bly no fun on hunting trips.  But this was obviously something typical of him, and people made note.  It is interesting that these two very similar hunting trips were remembered and recorded by persons trying to describe Joe's faults.  Be especailly interesting if it turns out that the Wade Hampton trip was indeed before the war, with the other one afterward.  Slow growth of character, indeed!

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