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 Posted: Fri Apr 21st, 2006 01:16 am
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I have read the "South Was Right". They cite John Milton, "The Father of Secession" and John Locke in Chapter 7 pages 185 to 193. In Chapter 8 pages 195 to 217 they try to answer the critics using what they say are seven Yankee myths and  present agruments against the myths. These are too long to go into in this post. It is an interesting book, however keep in mind it is written from a Southern point of view. At Borders a few years ago I saw a book called "Jefferson Davis Was Right" also by the Kennedy's, they actually wrote several book which you can find at their website. I should have bought it and must look into getting it.

Here is a link to a "A Plausible Lie" by Dennis Wheeler which is a rebuttal to "The South Was Right" I hope you find it helpful.

Hope this helped.



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