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 Posted: Sat Feb 23rd, 2008 05:33 am
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David White wrote: I'll be seeing his boss, General Rodriguez, in a couple of weeks and I intend to ask him what's up. Camp Mabry is just down the road from me and it is where I attend drill for my reserve duty. It really is a nice little museum.
make sure you ask him why he has taken no action to remove hunt.  hunt admitted that he took it apart.  when this hit the internet and news he tried to cover it up and put a favorable spin on it by saying it was carefully taken apart and that the figures were being preserved to rebuild a smaller diorama.  there are pictures on various sites showing the condition of the figures with arms, heads and other parts broken off.  the procedure he tried to show would have been done immediately as each piece was carefully removed.  other forums have also noted that he has had problems with other re-enactment groups and the re-enactment group he is in charge of may have received special favors from the museums he has been in charge of.  what he did to the diorama would definitely be an act of vandalism if done by a visitor to the museum.  also, he is an employee of the museum and not the owner.  as such most companies would fire an employee for deliberately damaging company property.  he also intends to alter other dioramas that he considers inaccurate.  i doubt that there is any diorama or painting of a military action that is 100 percent accurate.  if he were curator or director of a museum that had any of the paintings that show alexander the great or others from antiquity in medieval armor or costumes from 1000 uears later in history would he insist that they be changed also?

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