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 Posted: Fri Apr 21st, 2006 06:14 am
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Tim having live all my life in Southern California I had to laugh at the 14 dollars admission price being expensive.  Disneyland is around 50 dollars plus parking , Knotts and everything else around about the same.  I would love to find a place that was 14 dollars that offers what Pamlin does.  Wish I had stopped there whe I was in the area two years ago. 

You forgot Five Forks and City Point in your list of places to visit. I loved all the places around Richmond Petersburg area.  Only problem is trying to drive and read a map at the same time.  Then to get to some of the places.    For a change of pace in Richmond also there is the Poe Shrine. I know it isn't Civil War , but I would bet many of you have read the poems and short stories of Poe. 

I could go back to Viriginia year after year if I could afford the gas to drive .  Don't like to fly. 

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