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 Posted: Sun Feb 24th, 2008 03:18 am
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I would like to know why you have turned your back on Junior.

NASCAR fans are famous for being the most devoted fans in sports.  I think that is because they attach to a driver, a person that they can identify with, and grow with him throughout that driver's career. Kind of like a baby duck imprinting on his momma.

My lady has been a die-hard Junior fan for a long time.  Before Junior even talked about leaving DEI, she had started a "Set Junior Free" campaign.  For Christmas, I got her a "Junior Bud  #8"  fleece sweater, and she was a little tweaked that it wasn't the new "88".

Michael Waltrip has been my driver for a long time.  Imagine what I went thru the past year!

I saw that JoanieReb said her driver was Smoke and that she hated Toyota, yet it took her 10 seconds to get over Smoke driving a Toyota.

As My Lady says, Senior never drove for DEI, Why should Junior? As I see it, DEI is in actuality a wholly-owned subsidiary of Theresa Earnhardt Inc.

Would it have made a difference to you if Junior went to Childress or Gibbs?  Do you just hate Hendricks, or Junior, or what?

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