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 Posted: Sun Feb 24th, 2008 09:44 pm
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I'm overweight, so one might think that fat jokes bother me. They don't. I'm bald, so one might think that bald jokes bother me. They don't. However, if I was black, Polish, Italian, Jewish or whatever, and someone tells a joke that features a characteristic that someone has no control over, that crosses the line. I grew up in a time (and town) where such humor was not only accepted but celebrated. Of course, there were no blacks and very few Jews in my hometown.

Some might think that it's harmless to tell such jokes because, after all, they're just words. But behind those words lie stereotypes and prejudices that can wound tremendously. In spite of my non-religiosity, I believe the Golden Rule definitely applies here. Sometimes political correctness goes too far. Other times it hits the nail on the head.


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