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 Posted: Mon Feb 25th, 2008 07:27 pm
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Johan: You wrote...

I can agree to respectfully disagree; I just don't see that many redeeeming qualities in Hood as an Army commander and I find his behind the back politiking particularly appaling and frankly bordering on cowardice.  He failed at every operation he attempted w/ the AoT US.  Failure doesn't get my vote, success does.

Can you give specific examples of his behind the back politicing that bordered on cowardice?  I would sincerely like to be able to read, verbatim (not paraphrased by Hood-slandering authors), with sources (the date and archival location of the letters being cited) of Hood's inappropriate correspondence.  Many Hood-bashing authors state in their books that Hood wrote awful things about Johnston, but I can't recall any author giving any quotes or excerpts of Hood's letters.  If Hood wrote such dreadful things about Johnston you'd think one of these authors would elaborate and dedicate a paragraph or two to some details.  They certainly don't hesitate to give plenty of detail to other Hood critics such as Johnston and Sam Foster, and they cherry-pick characters like Sam Watkins to present to the readers critical things that he wrote about Hood.

Also, if only success gets your vote, Johnston never won a major battle (except maybe Kennesaw) in three different army command tenures, and Lee only won a few, lost several, and ultimately surrendered the ANV (or the fraction of it that was left by Appomattox.)  Personally, I would never call either Johnston or Lee failures, rather, I would call their missions very, very difficult, and they didn't so much lose as they were, like Hood, beaten by larger, better supplied and more heavily armed opponents that were tough as nails.

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