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 Posted: Tue Feb 26th, 2008 02:06 pm
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Sam; let me make something pointedly straight. I like Sword's work. He isn't the only author I've read, not by a long shot. Stop latching onto one phrase and trying to extend it into everything, it's becoming irritating in it's inaccuracy. Swords writings on Allatoona are minimal; which is why I detailed Hood at Allatoona. I've read most of the mans work and enjoyed it. That said he is not my only read on the subject and not the only author to codemn Hood. To date I'm sitting at just over 2600 letters and diaries read, w/ perhaps 1/4-1/3 being CS soldiers of the western theatre and the majority of which were Brigade Commanders on down. I cannot recall a single one that believed Hood a wise choice for command and darned few that thought much of him. I prefer the words of the men of the day to those that came after.

I strongly suggest reading Manigault if the opportunity presents itself, he was an intriguing fella. And not the only one to mention the meeting between senior Corps commanders & Davis. Yes, French was in on sending a letter to Davis though he signed it IIRC. As I said backroom politicking was not a rare thing in the AoT & Hood would be on the receiving end of his share.

Condemning the men for a Generals failure was not taboo, nor all that unusual... but it certainly speaks volumes about the author. Hood was no Lee, or JEJ for that matter. Frankly, I don't think he was a Hardee or Cheatum either.

The men despised Hood for a variety of reason, not the least which was losing most of 30,000 casualties in two weeks for no gain then being flanked out of the city anyway... and blaming them for it. Hood was not condemmed by Davis but praised... And Davis's speech laid out the plans for Sherman and all to see. It wasn't the first time Davis did such, JEJ was on the receiving end at least twice and trusted Davis to keep his mouth shut on military matters not a bit w/ obvious justification. Those men had to look at Hood and ask themselves how he was better than JEJ and more than a few recognized blatant cronieism when they saw it. There was a reason men were shouting "Give us Johnston." Allatoona is just one example of Hood's mishandling of an Army, IMO it is a prelude to how he mishandled his campaign into TN and proof he was in WAY over his head. Frankly Allatoona taught him, or should have, that attacking strong works leads to heavy casualties w/ little real gain. A prelude to Franklin?

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