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 Posted: Fri Apr 21st, 2006 08:30 pm
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David, I think that you are forgetting that at the time duty to one's state (over one's country) was much more accepted (and in some cases, expected) than in today's society. Your state (heck your town) may have been your entire world - so to speak. I would like to think that that type of loyalty and virtue still exist to some extent. I know that if the U.S. Government ever wanted to march troops into Virginia again (or any state for that matter) in order to force an administrations policy on them (against their will) that her neighbors would surely take up arms in order to protect their fellow neighbors.

For a man with Lee's background and experience, there was no option. He had an honor and sense of duty and to choose to take command of the Union army (as offered) or "sit it out" would have been tremendously unpopular. How could he ever go home and face his fellow Virginians? He and many CSA commanders were Union men and they did not enter the war with a light heart or lack of conscience. It had to be a terrible dilemma, but you have to applaud their convictions. They would not march or fire on their own people. Also I believe that revolution and reform are both necessary from time to time in order to keep society in line. Was it not Jefferson who said something like "the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots." (or something similar). I firmly believe that the founding fathers DID NOT want dominating, big governments pushing people around (like in England). 

Therefore REAL patriots are not a "Kool-Aid drinking citizens who obey the government on blind faith alone" - it is a rebel, a radical and one who is willing to stand up and die for a cause. Our founding fathers were rebels and "seceded" from England. So there is a similarity there to the Confederate States of America. All I can say is that if the U.S. Government ever turns its troops and guns on her own people (for any reason) I pray that we have some patriots (still hanging around) who will rise up and fight against a tyrannical ruler. I pray that never happens, but it is possible with a 2-party political system that has been blemished, corrupted, broken and is ultimately dysfunctional.

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