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 Posted: Wed Feb 27th, 2008 12:54 am
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booklover wrote: I could never get into the book GWTW but the movie ranks high on my personal list of best films ever. Not because of its accuracy or even acting (though I think Vivien Leigh deserved her spades while Leslie Howard set Southern manhood back about 300 years). For me, the reason I like the movie is pure entertainment and escapism.


I do feel Clark Gable was a perfect Rhett Butler and Vivien Leigh a perfect Scarlett O' Hara.  Even the woman who played Mammy was excellent even though the role was a far from what true Mammies must have been like. She actually better resembles Aunt Jamima of the pancake mix fame.  I'm not certain any mammy would have dared to sass and boss Scarlett in the way the movie and book show.

A scene in the movie that had tremendous impact on me was the one at the railroad staion where thousands of wounded and dying men are writhing on the ground  in the merciless Atlanta sun begging for water and help. So what does self-centered Scarlett do but tippy- toe gingerly over and around them to fetch a doctor to deliver Melanie's baby.  The scene does depict the true horror of war and the horrendous price so many paid to fight for what they believed right or wrong.

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