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 Posted: Fri Apr 21st, 2006 09:24 pm
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You both have points - I'm not arguing there. But what I am saying is that if a President and his administration EVER decided to ignore the people's voices and desires and use troops in order to enforce a policy - no matter what policy - people of a given state would be absolutely "justified in standing up to them." Of course that is based on the circumstances. I am a bigger supporter of responsible local and state governments (state's rights) than I am of the federal government telling us all what to do. Big government should rule the security, global economics, health and safety, and immigration issues for the whole country and the rest should be handled by the local governments (in my opinion).

If you can't tell, I am a disgruntled Republican conservative, who finds himself lining up more and more with the Libertarian ideology nowadays. So, I can see "exactly" what the secessionists thought in many regards. Like if the U.S. government ever decided to follow Australia's lead and take the guns off the people. Then the only people walking around with guns are criminals. That is an example of a bad decision that leaves a country's citizens unprotected, vulnerable and totally dependant on a ruling power. I'm no political science major here so I apologize if I am not explaining my rational clear. The bottom line is that a country's citizens should not have their own troops turned on them for an agenda. That is called China - not America.

Lee, Jackson, Stuart etc. were all Virginians who would not participate in this type of action against their fellow Virginians. Look at Iraq, there are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of our men and women in uniform - who do not necessarily support Bush or his administration - yet they do their duty and risk it all for the Commander and Chief's agenda. That is putting one's duty to country (or state in the CW) before your own personal opinions and they are to be applauded for that. (once again - just my opinion).

I am by no means an expert on seccession or anything political - but I can see "where they are coming from" and understand why I would be more apt to defend VA.

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