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 Posted: Wed Feb 27th, 2008 10:51 pm
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Johan Steele
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Dixie Girl wrote: Johan you wrote a book? is it published?

forget the Key West and Belize id buy a whole island.

Three actually, none have been published though I'm in the process of a rewrite on one to get it published, if all goes well it will be on the shelves early next year.  I've had quite a few articles & short stories published in small circulation venues.

You all can keep your island, I'll take a small chunk the Black Hills of SD w/ the promise that it will be returned to the Lakota upon my demise.  I'd be able to get back into a real vehicle, a pickup.  Also go by Cabela's and pick up the original M1859 Sharps and M1863 Spencer Rifles for a paltry $18k for the pair.  All in all we all have our dreams.

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