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 Posted: Sun Apr 23rd, 2006 04:03 am
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I do feel a great deal of animosity toward many liberal groups that continue to attack the recognition and preservation of Southern history, but I am equally upset with the presence of hate-groups that continue to provide those same liberals with all the “ammunition” they need by hijacking Confederate symbology for their own racist agendas.


However, the rational that one CSA flag symbolizes racism while others (such as the Stars and Bars – CSA National flag etc.) don't is a tad ludicrous. Just because the general public is ignorant on their Confederate history is not an excuse to pick on one flag over the other. The flag is like a gun – it does nothing unless it is in the hands of an individual. Don’t blame the flag – blame the yahoo who is waving it at a rally. And once again I’d like to add – it’s all a matter of perspective. People need to stop being so sensitive to the point of infringing on other’s rights of freedom and expression.


I often hear these anti-flag liberals reminding southern preservationists that the Civil War ended a long time ago and that it’s time to get over it. Well, that is true, but I say that door swings both ways… So I want to remind them that slavery ended a long time ago and that they need to get over it too. We'll ALL be better off if we can simply agree to disagree and respect the opinions of others - but not at the expense of each other's freedoms - like choosing to fly a flag, or not to fly it.

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