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 Posted: Sun Apr 23rd, 2006 03:01 pm
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SHADOWREBEL...I can't say that I quite get it either, other than (1) a hate group with the battle flag INTENDS it to be a racist symbol, based upon it's wide spread usefor 140 yrs for that purpose, however (2) if the same hate group carries a flag from every country in the free world, as long as the Reb Battle flag is carried, that's theone that represents the fringe-hate-white-supremacy of the group. I debated aKlan member from the Tampa area in 1997 and asked him that very question. Hesaid  there were two reasons...First, the Klan feels they are doing the best thing for America by restoring white-supremacy and second, it's a reminder that they are protected  under the free speech clause of the U.S. Constitution. Now that's according to him.  So I never read much into it.  Burning a cross in another Citizen'sfront yard only perks up a few racists dumb enough to ask..."well, shouldn't we ban crosses or call them racist symbols."??  Oh, yeh, that same Klan member kept referring to "his flag"  and  " YOUR flag" keeping the Battle Flag on equal status with the American Flag.  Pretty stupid.  Sorry I didn't have a better answer...but I never thought there was any significance. If the Klan representative was being honest,you can see there  is no misuse of the American Flag no matter where they wave it. Hence, don't ask why those of us who stand up for equality don't run out inthe street and rip the US Flag from the marching clowns. Old Glory somewhat protects them as stated above.  Nothing like that can be applied to the Reb flag.Best wishes...Ulysses

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