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 Posted: Mon Mar 3rd, 2008 09:36 pm
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Becket is a great movie.  Not totally accurate but still good.  I love the musical Camelot too , I first saw it as a student production some of my friends were in in College then I have seen it several times, plus the movie.  Love Excalibur too.

I have read both fiction and history of the periods.  I read the Brother Cadefel series, and the a mystery series about a medieval nun who is related to Chaucer .  One of my favorite fiction series starts with There Be Dragons by
Sharon Kay Penman.  Actually that was the first in the series when I read it , but she wrote prequels later.  She also wrote two mysteries with Eleanor as a main character .

I mostly read nonfiction about the War of the Roses , and Elizabeth 1. 


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