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 Posted: Mon Mar 3rd, 2008 10:57 pm
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Hello. As I recently joined the forum I thought it best to drop a line here prior to posting anything else.

I live in Oxford, England, but grew up in Cornwall and still consider that small land to be my home. My user name reflects this (Kernow is Cornish for Cornwall).

I'm not quite sure how I got into the period  but as I vaguely remember pranching about on Fort Sumter as a child I guess the seed must have been planted back then. Although I've been reading about the War for three or four years now, a trip to the US last summer more or less cemented the period deep into my psyche. My interest has always been mainly political but I've started to properly get to grips with understanding the military side of things. I'm finding that the various disciplines feed into each other well.

Anyhow, I might de-lurk properly  at some point but it's good to raise my head above the parapet from time to time. I certa


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