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 Posted: Mon Apr 24th, 2006 04:56 pm
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You'll get no argument from me on what you said overall.  I think I indicated in my original post that secession can only occur through extralegal means.  That is what the Locke and Lincoln quotes refer to.  It is not some legal right granted by a statement or omission in the Constitution, but an unwritten right that we all have to change our government when it it wrong and  by force if necessary and the government error is extreme.  But you better win your act of rebellion to be "correct."  This thread asked about the legal right to secession in the US Constitution and there is none and a study of the Founding Father's intent comes down on there is no right either, IMO.

I am curious about one thing you wrote, if the Confederacy believed in a right to secession, why did they attack Jones County Mississippi when it seceded?  On what grounds could they not separate themselves from the Confederacy, if one believes secession is a "legal" right? 

Also nowhere in the Constitution does it say the Federal Government may dissolve the United States so does that mean we should fear that the legislature of Louisiana may do that?  The 10th Amendment was not written to allow the states to affect and impact the overall nation but to make sure they ran their internal affairs properly and uninhibited.


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