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 Posted: Wed Mar 5th, 2008 03:08 pm
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Dixie Girl says it is always good to have a few more Brits on the board so I guess I may as well throw my hat in. I live S.E England and have been reading up on the Civil War since the early 90's after getting hooked on the the Ken Burns documentary series. Since then I have collected over 200 books on the subject,  and have visited the States on numerous occasions where , with wifely approval, I have walked many of the Eastern theatre battlefields. Would love to get to the Western fields but have to temper my trips so my good lady can visit New York ( she loves the place) and to visit a good friend in Ct who we met on our first vacation to the States in '93. I have been reading these boards for a couple of years now so perhaps it's time I stopped being so lazy and contributed a bit. I knew I was hooked when one September some years ago we took a drive along the Blue Ridge Skyline Drive from Front Royal to Waynesboro, a fabulous trip if you catch the right weather, we stopped at every overlook along the way and as my wife pointed out all the marvellous scenery in the Shenandoah and Luray Valleys all I could picture were Stonewalls armies marching and countermarching.......I have friends who think I am very sad!!!!

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