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 Posted: Wed Mar 5th, 2008 07:45 pm
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Hi Fedreb.

I love the Shenandoah too. Not only was the landscape amazing, but I saw several bears and a rattlesnake in the wild, which is kind of cool.

Nowt to worry about the opinions of friends: they're kind of used to it (and are just waiting for me to put on an itcy uniform - I told one I had paid my $300 so was exempt but he didn't get the joke). I feel most sorry for my hiking pard who landed in the US when I'd finished my battlefield tour (he claims the delay was due to getting leave...) and had to put up with tale after tale. In fairness, he did make the mistake of asking why the Stonewall Jackson Highway was so called.

Are you in any of the organisations, by the way?

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