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 Posted: Sat Mar 8th, 2008 05:03 pm
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It's important to understand the military axiom of there is how things are supposed to be done by the regs and how things are actually done in the field.  The regs call for the picketts to be pushed out 200 paces.  In some cases picketts were only a few hundred yards out while in other instances of read of them being pushed out over a mile.

The pickett was supposed to be about 5% of the total force say 48 men for a full strength Regiment.

1 Lt, 2 Sgt's, 4 corporals, drummer & 40 privates.  This is a sufficient number to man the minimum posts & provide the three reliefs

Below is a list of books that should give you an answer to your questions on the regs.  The link is probably the fastest & least expensive option.

Casey, Silas, Infantry Tactics, 1862.

Dal Bello, Dominic J., Parade, Inspection and Basic Evolutions of the Infantry Battalion, Dominic J. Dal Bello, 1998.

Griffith, Paddy, Battle In the Civil War Generalship and Tactics in America 1861-65, Fieldbooks, 1986.

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Government Printing Office, Revised US Army Regulations 1863, Government Printing Office, 1863.

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Heitman, Don & Tutle Peter, Heitman’s Simplified Hardee’s & Skirmish Drill, Regimental Guard Mount, Volunteer Publishing, 1990.

Kautz, August V. The 1865 Customs of Service for Non-Commissioned Officers & Soldiers, Stackpole Books, 2001.

Mahan, D.H., Out-Post, US Military Academy, 1861.

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