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 Posted: Sun Mar 9th, 2008 04:38 pm
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Kernow .  A book I really liked is  Indian Givers : How the Indians of the Americans transformed the world by Jack Weatherford.  I also have a Encyclopedia type book on the different tribes and a book of Native American Folklore.  I just realized I do not have a book on the history of the Native American Tribes in relationship to the Europeans in America. 

Most of my books on Native Americans are individual tribes or biographies of certain Individuals.  These are also Western Tribes such as Navajo, Lakota, Hopi , Apache. Most are also post Civil War personalities such as Crazy Horse even more modern Leonard Peltier. 

I think I do have one small volume on Native American history I got on sale at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles but can't recall the name of the book or author. 

The book Between Two Fires is an outstanding book on the Native America's part of the Civil War . 

Read also the biography of Grant's Staff officer Ely Parker . 

It's funny I started to think of books to tell you and realized most of my books on the subject are children's books as for two years I taught a unit to second graders on Native Americans .  I also taught a summer school enrichment program to 2-3 graders on Native American Tribes.  Both units were survey courses taking a representive tribe from each region of the country .  Giving the kids some background history then doing some activity based on the tribe.  False Face Mask from the Iroquois to Button Blankets (mini ones ) of the Tlingit of Pacific Northwest. 

The kids also read or were read  many Native American tales . 

I was trying to make this unit more than the paperbag vest and warbonnets and face paintinf of "warpaint"  that many primary classes  tend to fall into . 

I do still have the thick notebook I filled with articles and ideas from various teaching material I researched for the unit.  It is gathering dust I am sure since I retired.

Geeze Kernow now you have me thinking I need to get a one volume history of the Native American culture to read.  Sooo many books so little time.


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