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 Posted: Mon Mar 10th, 2008 09:45 pm
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J Harold my lips are sealed .  Not having read the books I have has never stopped me from buying more books !!! My excuse is I might never be able to find that book again somewhere else later when I want to read it . 

I knew I was with the right people last year at Murfreesboro when a bunch of us did Muster at Franklin /Spring Hill and Murfreesboro.  I was in the bookshop with the others and each one of us had our arms full.  We were also telling each other what we already had and recommending books to each other.  Only thing is I kept trying to get a couple of the guys to slip my books in with theirs to pay for them and would you believe they all turned me down!!!!  lol :( 

Now I just keep a notebook handy and when someone recommends the book I write it down.  Who knows when I might find it . 

I would love to get to that bookstore in Pamplin . 


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