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 Posted: Tue Mar 11th, 2008 05:30 am
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Not old enought to remember the American Indian Movement huh?  That was Civil Rights for the Indian.  Google it .  Check out the name Leonard Peltier and the Pine Ridge Reservation .  Look up Russell Means.  Native Americans have gained many rights in the last 40 years.   Casinos have changed some tribes for the postive with money for many services for their people.  There is much more to to be done.  Many reservations are still very very poor.  Some still live on the reservations, others have moved to the city and "blended in ".  

Dixie says "purpose would be to bring them to the forefront and show the narrow minded people of they world that they are NOT savage beasts like everyone concludes them to be and show that they did what they did so they could save their famlies."

Who is the eveyone you are talking about .  This sentence does not make sense I do not understand what you are saying .  The second half of the sentence about they did what they did .  There were as many reasons atrocities were done on both sides.   This is an issue we cannot judge from 21st century mindset.  Manifest Destiny played into it.  Many tribes committed atrocities on each other before the Europeans even appeared on the scene.    An interesting book to read is Kit Carson and the Indians, By Thomas Dunlay.


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