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 Posted: Tue Mar 11th, 2008 06:59 pm
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"Lots of people" please note that i called the everyone the narrow minded people

Well that makes no sense at all.  It is difficult to read what you write as so many words are misspelled.  The grammar and puncuation is lacking .  Could you please proof read before you post.

Most people who have Native American ancestors seem to have Cherokee blood as the Cherokees were one of the tribes that interacted with the Europeans early on.  I have both Cherokee and Choctaw ancestors in my family.  I also have many ancestors who came from different parks of the UK.   So what.  I am a mixture of mnay cultures.  I have a father whose family goes back to the 1600's in Roxbury Mass.  I have a mother whose family goes back to the 1700's in South Carolina, A Patriot of Kings Mountain even.  So what.  None of them are me today.  I can only take credit for what I did and do in my life.  I refuse to judge what any of them did as they moved futher and futher into the wilderness to make a life and living for their family.  I am sure some of them had encounters with native tribres.  I know my mother's family intermarried.  My grandmother was raised in Indian Territory which is now part of Oklahoma. 

I am not sure what you want people to do .  I have friends that work on the reservations in Arizona for years.  Gee I also know friends that contribute quite a bit of money to the reservations since they spend so much time at Indian Casinos. 

Yes there is extreme poverty on some reservations.  Others are quite wealthy.  We cannot lump all tribes into one big "INDIAN" label.   It is much like calling all others Europeans  

Keep researching .  Some people on here have been doing research on topics for 30, 40 years and still don't have all the answers.  I know I sure don't.  I have read books, I have visited reservations , I have attended events such as powwows, I have visited cultural museums.  I have visited other historical sites.  Just when I think I understand what happened back in the day.  I find something new to change my opinion or view of a subject.  The day I die I will stop researching . 


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