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 Posted: Wed Mar 12th, 2008 04:29 pm
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Johan you said exactly what I had been trying to say.  I have mostly read about Plains Indians and Indians of the Southwest especially the Navajo.  Growing up in California we studied the Southwest Indians in school.  Of course many stereotypes were taught to us .  I have continued my love of those Indians and have visited the Navajo Reservation many times. 

If you have not read Kit Carson and the Indians read it .  It deals with many of the issues you mentione.  One of the themes stressed is the "Indian" is not one group. 

I always  wondered if the Lakota in Dances were actually saying what we thought they were saying .  I love it that they weren't.

As much as I liked The Searchers I almost lost it a couple of months ago when I watched it for the first time since I saw it as a child.  There were Navajo women wearing Navajo traditional dress  speaking Navajo  playing Comanche .  Of course the whole thing was supose to be Texas and there was Monument Valley in the background. 

I would never whack you with a ruler.  My comment was about postings that were unreadable with multitude of errors.  I am a poor speller myself but do try to check my spelling before posting.  Besides I need you around to bust those kneecaps when I need them busted.  lol.


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