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 Posted: Wed Mar 12th, 2008 11:13 pm
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I would agree on Carson's book, it is one of the few period books w/ a legitimate honest look at the Native American of the time.

I spent three years of my HS career on the Reservation CRST (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe) in SD. What I learned was & is priceless.

When I watched Dances w/ my HS friend Ishone (Lakota was her first language, she learned English in K-3) she was laughing so hard she peed her pants. The jokes and slams on Kevin & the govt are pretty hillarious. I asked her to translate once but she just started giggling and told me it was safer not to know. Several of my teachers and fellow students were extras, my best friends father was a language & cultural consultant.

It really is ironic though that I believe the most balanced and honest view of the Native American came from Louis L'amour.

Found out recently that my 1st grade teach was one of the last of her kind, she would wack you on the knuckles w/ an old wooden pointer if you sassed back, made bad spelling errors on the chalk board, or god forbid picked up and used a pencil or pen w/ your left hand. She would spank kids in the classroom, but IIRC the most common punishment was to stand against the blackboard w/ your hands in your hip pockets and your nose holding up a piece of paper. Funny at first; but it got old real fast. No one EVER got sent to the principals office; he was a pushover. Things have changed a wee bit. IIRC she had started teaching in a one room classroom in the late 30's. She refused to retire, my mother says the state mandatory retired her in 82 or so and I think she died a year or so later.

My mother was a special ed teach for thirty years, my better half teached in a "Special Needs" classroom. Her students are all physically or mentally challenged; I couldn't do it and she won't be after the baby shows up.

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