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 Posted: Wed Mar 12th, 2008 11:35 pm
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God bless your mother and wife.  Working with special needs kids takes a special kind of person.  I worked with special needs kids at the high end.  I taught gifted kids for 20 years.  Little kids that knew a lot but didn't know how they knew it.  Had a sense of humor that was unreal but used it sometimes at the wrong time.  Kids that were so adult one minute and then next sooo immmature.  I loved the challenge everyday .  Bright kids some of them no motivation , others highly motivated. 

What an amazing experience you had Johan.  How lucky you were . 

Wow you had an interesting first grade teacher too.  I started teaching during the period corporal punishment was allowed.  I used it the first year I taught .  I was young and doing what others told me to do.  I hated it .  My third year I was teaching kindergarten and one of my kids was on my last nerve with his behavior.  I said to him, "Otis, do I have to spank you?  I have had to give anyone a spanking in months.  If I have to I will and it will make me cry."  He was such a cute kid, a little slow .  He looked at me with serious brown eyes and said ," Nope don't want you to cry."   He straightened up .  I soon learned there was the look, and other punishments that worked well .   No more spankings or other such punishments.  Never used the paper with the nose on the wall , Did have a time out chair with a timer .  Also the kid that had soo much energy use to at least one a day have to run to the wall and back.  Got the extra energy out and he was able to work again.

Oh and the spitter .  He had to spit til he couldn't spit anymore. 


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