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 Posted: Thu Mar 13th, 2008 01:15 am
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I too went to school during the corporal punishment era. I used to skip football practice every once in a while and the coach would paddle my butt pretty good, but the punishment I rmember most occurred in the woodshop.

There was only one infraction that resulted in corporal punishment.... working with shirtsleeves NOT rolled up above the elbows. In those days the electric saws had no guards, just spinning sharp teeth. The teacher had a piece of Oak about 2 inches wide and if he caught any of us with our shirtsleeves rolled down, the offender placed his foot on a chair causing his thigh to be bent and available.... SWAT the oak came down on the thigh and it hurt like hell. The teacher's response was that to have an arm pulled into a saw would hurt more and he would be da***d if he was gonna be responsible for any one armed kids running around his school.

I have never forgotten that lesson...sometimes you make someone hurt a little in order to prevent them from hurting a lot....


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